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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Theory of Mind and The Virgin Madre Maria Pile Driver

After taking over as principal at my first escuela,  Bernie Madoff Elementary Finance Academy, I had great ideas that I could change the little ones learning through the power and glory of professional lucha libre. Being the brilliant practitioner I am, I decided that the best way to get to the niños was to get through to the teachers first. So, after being hired, I came to my new school, walked around for 15 minutes, you know, to get the "cultura" of the neighborhood, and then decided how I would change the place: Wrestling Professional Development. I would teach all of the teachers the techniques I had learned as a luchador and they would in turn es teach the little chimichangas at our school. That, I believed, and I believe to this day, will change education for the better. Even Mr. Sprinkles agrees with me. But alas, it was not to be.

After the first day of professional development, in which Sra. Huesos broke three ribs after I applied my famous Virgin Madre Maria Pile Driver on her to demonstrate how we should approach Balanced Literacy, I decided that perhaps my new teachers were not yet ready for my new form of professional development, and I went back to giving them handouts about how to do hall duty. I guess they didn't see things like I did

In other news, the ISTE 2011 keynote was held today and a bunch of us all piled into a giant airplane hanger  (I was there, as you can plainly see in this photo),  and finally, I saw another hispanic in the crowd: One Dr. John Medina, un doctor de cerebro  that wrote some famous libro about how your brain works. I haven't read it, but I hear it is for sale real echeap on Kindle for like $2.99. Must be a big seller! Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, so he was the big-time keynote dude who came on after some people did some kind of music video, and then some others came out and stomped around and made a lot of noise and he talked about the Theory of Mind, where little kids learn that after a while, other people think differently than we do. Kind of like when I learned that not all teachers have my vision for bringing learning through Lucha. He was pretty good, even if he did not mention Lucha as much as he could have. Perhaps he is not as el hispano as I thought. 

And by the way, if you are not here, don't sweat it esé. There are lots of people that got your back. Like this lady, who is doing it all from her couch without even getting up. Check it out. 

Gotta go, someone told me that the tamales at this one place was out of sight. Adios.  


  1. Funny ,
    Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Here is the Video of the Keynote: youtu.be/tRJPWeqJ2U8