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Monday, June 6, 2011

Hola! Let Me Introduce Myself.

El Diablo Cocono is the new jefe in the ed tech town. Get ready to learn how it is done pansy boys.  Part championship wrestler ( I won the Coahuila Intercontinental belt in 1978 which I held for over 5 years until that poser El Payaso de los Flores stole it in 1982,  as well as the All Northern Mexico heavyweight belt which I won in the classic  "Disaster in the Desert" chain match in Nogales in 1979. Perhaps you remember that match? I defeated the perdedor "El Joto de Norteno" after catching his cape in the giant wind fan at ringside. Poor guy. He should have used Velcro to tie his cape, not nylon.

After I hung up my correa  during the great Tortilla famine of 1985, took my little perro, Mr. Sprinkles, and my entire village and travelled to our great neighbors  to the north, America, where I became a PE coach, specializing in wrestling, and then a campus administrator specializing in wrestling.

I decided that I would use technology, mainly because of the spellchecker, but in doing so, I learned a little along the way. Besides, part of my probation requires community service, and the judge said this counts. 

Jesus Maria and Jose, do any of you vatos know how to do education technology at a campus? Aye, you all act like a bunch of South Pacific islanders running away from a tsunami when it comes to using technology. I swear, I can't decide who is more afraid: campus administrators looking at technology or Mr. Sprinkles during a tempestad de truenos.

After years of watching you vatos from the sidelines, I decided I needed to jump into the ring and start showing you how to do it, cuz the old white guys that get paid a lot to do it sure aren't getting it done. That’s right, I am calling you out! You know who you are.

You need me.

You need El Diablo de Cocono!

I will lead you. 
Just get out of the way and don't ask no questions. 
I don't have time for that basura.

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