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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Free Range Pollos and Edubloggercon 2011

Every year, when summer comes around, when the  hot winds are blowing,  when the fidello  trees are in bloom,  and when the local el Sam's Club runs an all-you-can-carry bathroom tissue blowout sale,  something miraculous happens in my adopted home town of San Juan de los Banos: The Annual Return of the Free Range Pollos. Every summer, no matter the weather, no matter the economic climate, no matter what drug cartel is running the city that year, all of the citizens line up along Avenida de Pollo Frito to witness the return of thousands of free range chickens that have spent the past few months wandering aimlessly in the Chihuahuan outback, grazing on tumbleweed seeds, making little pollos, and getting fat off the land. They waddle into town, walk up the calle, and after the last one arrives, are quickly captured and turned into sopa, arroz con pollo, pollo fritos, pollo enchiladas, and gorditas pollos

Damn those chickens are stupid. I mean, every year they do the exact same thing, and every year they end up on the mesas of the town's people. Maybe it is a power greater than man sending the chickens to us. Maybe it is a supernatural entity that drives the chickens to the platos of the people. All I know is, if I were a chicken, and I saw all of my chicken friends headed towards a large crowd with knives behind their back, I might head in an other direction. But I am not a chicken. I am a Luchador Administrator.

 I am, El Diablo Cocono! 

Speaking of yearly gatherings, perhaps you have been following along this year's ISTE event in los Philly PA, where I am happily to be reporting to you from. Today, I attended the yearly Sheldon Leonard Fan Club meeting, er, I mean education technology blogger gathering called "Edubloggercon 2011" which actually is probably more interesting than the whole rest of the ISTE conference combined.  It is sort of an unconference that has evolved into a mini-pre-conference conference for people that couldn't figure out how to use the calendar function on Expedia.com and arrived a day earlier than everyone else.  Today, I saw El David Warlick y El Steve Hardigon and a whole host of otra illunimaros of the ed tech world. They presented a whole day on stuff to a whole bunch of other people that mostly already knew what was going on, so it like preaching to the choir, just that the choir still has no other Lucha administrsators in it and can't sing. Just look at this picture! Do you see one other Lucha Administrator other than me? (I am waving at you right underneath Scott Floyd in the upper left part of the picture! Hola El Scott!)
El Edubloggercon 2011 

Anyway, if you were one of the unfortunates that had to stay at home and actually pay attention to your family this weekend, there is a way to catch up on what happened without having to leave the comfort of your casa. Just check out this site"Edubloggercon." And for more kicks, in the Blog area of the confernece, they are having ongoing presentations. All you have to do is link to this site. And if you are the twit type, just type in the hashtag #EBC11 to follow the conversation. 

Adios amigos, I am now on the town looking at the Liberty Bell and searching for Cheesesteak tamales.


  1. Are black folk allowed in these meetings? I dont see none. Maybe they had to stand in the back!

  2. Loved the post and I'm glad you sent me the link.

  3. I am working on it! I promise.