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Friday, June 24, 2011

El Diablo Cocono at ISTE 2011. Be there!

I know that many of you are wondering and asking to yourselves “Hey, who is that hombre de mascaras?” “Who is that magnet of machismo?” “Who is El Diablo Cocono?” and of course “What school district would hire him?”  Well, for some of you, a lucky few, you will have a chance to meet me, as I will be walking the hallways of ISTE, mingling with you,the common people, and on my quest  to be looking for other education technology Luchador administrators.  Each day, I will have a different mask, and will be in different sessions. Please do not ask for my autograph or try to shakemi manos. My hands are my life, and I need them to properly take care of my estudents at mi escuela

Each day, like the stealth god of the squared circle I am, I will be silently observing what goes on at ISTE. I will be using my keen sense of observation and stealthiness to report back to you, my dear readers, who, like so many of my people and students, are left behind. We know why you could not make it. You have no money. You are hit hard by the economic downturn. You are stuck behind your administrator desk because your bosses remember the last trip they sent you on. You wish you had not gone into education to begin with, but you are stuck with your lousy career choice. Fear not. I am here to report what you are missing.

So come back here starting on Sunday as I report from what I observed at EdubloggerCon 2011

I will let you know about the exhibition hall, the workshops, and of course, where the best cheesesteak tamales in town are located. 

Go to el church first ese.

Join me and Mr. Sprinkles starting Sunday.

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  1. I hope to meet you there El Diablo! You will make ISTE exciting this year! Please bring Mr. Spinkles!