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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Midget Wrestler and Your Learning Network.

When I was about to fight one of my biggest matches against La Migra Enano, the Midget Border Patrol Agent, I was advised by the promoter, a Sr. Ladrón, that in order to make a decent paycheck that night, I had better bring in some people because frankly, at that time,most people in the village had ever heard of me, El Diablo Cocono, mainly because no one had electricityto watch TV where I was a minor star every Saturday night on Lucha Libre’s Got Talent, a combination talent show and wrestling match. They all had TV’s, they just couldn’t watch them. My opponent was a nice enough guy, but really, there were very few of his kind inCiudad Cabrito, so I had to go to my few friends, and ask them to attend the match. Then, I asked the friends to ask their friends to attend the match. Then I asked my friends to ask the friends of my friends to attend the match. After a while, the entire town of Ciudad Cabrito was in the stands of the school gymnasium cheering me on and hoping that I would win. 

I did not win that night, because the little chicken mierda La Migra Enano secretly hit me over the head with an eight foot picnic table while the referee was not looking. After regaining consciousness, the promoter gave me my winnings, which consisted of $20,000,000,000 pesos  (about 18 dollars US) and a roasted chicken from Chi-Chi’s Casa de Pollo.

What does this have to do education technology you ask? I told you before, don’t ask. If I write it, it has to do with education technology. Look, here is the deal: Just like I had to do in my match against La Migra Enano, you have to go out and get your friends involved in order to build a personal learning network. Just cuz you have some degree, and run a fancy school where the kids aren’t all on free lonches don’t mean anybody is gonna come looking for you. You have to go out and get them. You have to go out and make your network.  The more people you add to your network, the better! Like a three-hombre tag team, the more heads the better!  And if you don’t belive me, which is racist by the way, maybe you will believe some gringo that will tell you the same thing. His name is Will Richardson, and his brain es muy grande! Here is a blog entry about personal learning networks. 

So what are you waiting for salchicha? Read the entry and start making you network.

No I won’t wait for you. I got stuff to do.

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