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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Put them in a Glog Lock

Holy Madre de Jesus! I just had one of those semanas where I wished they would allow us to put all kids into the squared circle, let them go three rounds at each other like the famous 1971 “Brawl at the Wall” where all the wrestlers from Ciudad Baja Gordita fought all the wrestlers from Ciudad Chalupa, with whoever was left making a run for the border into the promised land to the north. 

But I digress a bit. Where was I? 

Oh yeah, I wanted to put all the changos at my school into the ring and then,  who ever was left standing, we give them the finishing move, which in my case, was the world famous Flying Tortilla Wrap. Have you ever had one of those weeks?  But the Central Office pollos don’t like to let the little frijoles fight like that, something about lawsuits and some other stuff like that.(Oh how I wish for the old days of education when letting kids whack away at each other was part of the PE curriculum.)  So this time of year  the flojo teachers aren’t doing anything, the kids aren’t doing anything, and our school motto “Making Some of them Ready for the Next Grade Level Most of the Time” is all shot to hell.

 It was a bad week.  Not as bad as some, but bad.

What to do when thelittle chiples are out of control and need something to do? And what about the students too? 

Why not ask them to start making some really cool stuff? Why wait until AFTER summer to talk about summer? Why not ask them what they WANT to do on their summer vacation?  I am talking about Glogster. Glogster allows el estudents and el profesors  to create muy cool online posters that they can embed audio, video, text, and digital pictures into. Get em working on creating a glog (yeah that the name, glog, get over it gringo) about what they want to do on vacation? How about starting a glog for your teaches, and add to it as the summer progresses so they can see what is going on in your little cerebro? Ay, the possibilities are endless you overpaid paper pusher. Why not try it yourself? What the hell else are you doing right now? You got time to read this, you got time to glog. And while you’re at it, check out the education glogs. 

I’m otta here hombres. 

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