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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mind Maps and My Burrito

One time, a long time ago, I was working on my padre’s ranchero, El Rancho Chongo on the outskirts of Ciudad Aduana, when one of the caballos came up to me on his horse and asked me what was the best way to fix a burrito, because he was going to invite one of the local mujeres over for dinner and he wanted to show her his burrito. I told him, ay que culo, there are about 50 ways to fix your burrito (which by the way, Paul Simon stole as a title to one of his songs years later after seeing one of my famous “Cholo Chain Matches” in East LA back in the 1960’s but that is another story ), which flustered him no end.

“I only know of two ways to show her my burrito” he said.

“Hijole güey! Your mamasita didn’t teach you nothing, because there are as many ways to show your burrito as there are day laborers in a Home Depot parking lot in San Diego!”

I then went into a long explanation about burritos. I had to think about  all the different burrito showing ways there were: I showed him my burrito which was the biggest by the way, my padre’s burrito, my brother’s burrito..ay ya ya. Each gaucho on the ranch had his own burrito to show. There were so many burritos on that ranch. So little time. By the end of the day, that vato had seen as many ways to make a burrito to show his lady friend as there were B-list estrellas in the Betty Ford Rehab Center  in Rancho Mirage. 

Anyway, I wish that I had had a way to come up with a whole bunch of burritos without having to actually show him each and every one on the ranchero. 

So, esteemed campus administrator, suppose someday you have to think of a lot of ways to do something, and you need a tool to show some of your   compas how to do it? Is there a tool you can use? Of course there is that’s why you are reading this el stupido

Surf your little self over to http://bubbl.us and see one of the coolest little mind mapping tools there is around. You can make a mind map on the spot, save it, send it out, heck, you can even invite your homies to partake in the mind mapping party. Like Paris Hilton in a Las Vegas lounge on a Friday night, you will never have to be alone again when you mind map. Why would you even need to mind map? Hey, you’re the educator esé,  but really, when your staff sees the mind map on the big screen at your next staff meeting, the PE coach with the big belly might just put down the sports section long enough to notice what you are talking about.

I’m just sayin’.

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