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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Muchos List-os

Far be it for me to brag about my incredible career as one of the preeminent luchadores of the last 50 años, but to many, especially in the northern Mexican city of Ciudad Apachurro, the name El Diablo Cocono is synonymous with quality both within the squared circle, with the ladies, and of course, with fans of bueño tamales everywhere. My short-lived but very profitable "El Diablo Cocono Canned Puerco Tamales" are still remembered throughout the region, despite that silly botulism scare that was no doubt started by other canned tamale vendors, jealous of my genius. (My abrogados have told me that that is all I can say about it.)

During my career, having won many belts including the Central Northern Sonoran Bantam Weight correa and being named the Lower Tamaulipas Tequila Fiesta "Dash for the Baño" Best Luchador of 1998, I have become familiar with many lists over the años.

For instance, in 1997, I made the All-Mexico Most Best Wrestler Top Ten list. When you read the list, you will understand how proud I am to have made it:

All-Mexico Most Best Wrestler List 1997:

  1. El Santo (the greatest wrestler of all time!)
  2. El Hijo de El Santo (the greatest child of the greatest wrestler)
  3. La Hija de El Santo (the sister of the child of the greatest wrestler)
  4. El Tio de El Santo (the Uncle of the greatest wrestler of all time)
  5. La Esposa de El Santo (The wife of the greatest wrestler and the inventor of the famous frying pan head butt)
  6. La Abuela de El Santo (The only wrestler ever to have won a title in a wheelchair)
  7. El Hijo de Hijo de El Santo 
  8. La Señora de El Santo (She was the FIRST mistress, and frankly, the best!)
  9. El Grande Abuelo de El Santo (He started it all!)
  10. El Diablo Cocono (me!)
As you can easily tell, I lived with luchadore royalty. The memories of those days live with me like yesterday's five day old cabbage and chicken burrito

But enough about me. What about you? What list are you a part of? What list do you belong to?
Are you on any lists other than "I have a nice camesa and a walkie talkie list?" Probably not. 

So, what should you do? Well, for now, since you are so flojo you are not on any lists, why not use some lists that you can tell your teachers about?

How about these just to get you off your enormous pelota de grasa:

Got enough to get started? How about this Sr. Administradore: Next year, you get your kick-ass blog on one of these lists. I am tired of doing all your work for you. 

I gotta go.