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Friday, August 5, 2011

More Lost than a Blind Referee in a Triple Tag Team Iron Cage Match

Some of you have wondered to yourselves by asking "I wonder what ever happened to El Diablo Cocono?" "I have not seen a new entry on his enormously popular blog in longer than a month." "Is he alright?" "Has he abandoned us in our time of greatest need?" 'Did La Migra finally find where he was living?"

Well my faithful gabacho readers, I have heard your cries and I am proud to say that like a Phoenix arising from the ashes of a campfire of a late night fiesta on the levee, I have returned just in time to open my escuela and hopefully, guide you through the confusing world of campus administrators and educational technology for another año.

But first of all, please let me take a few moments to explain the reason for my absence:

As all of you know, I attended El EdubloggerCon 2011 in Philadelphia at is evidenced by my previous posts and photo evidence.

I also went down the hall and found ISTE and went there too. After deciding that there was not one decent Tamale in the entire city of Philadelphia, and after trying to find at least one other Lucha Libre dude in the entire place, I decided to head back home with my bags full of free Atomic Learning Coffee Mugs and Prentice Hall cheap-ass pens.

Then I got a call on my jailbroken iPhone from my campus Secretary Sra. Retirado that due to budget cutbacks, the plane ticket I got from my school district was a one way ticket and that I would have to make my own arrangements to return to my campus. Holy frijole! I was in the words of Robert Heinlien "un extranjero en una pista extraña!"

I had just maxed out my Banco- de SinValor-Mastercard in Philadelphia looking for a decent tamale and having to get Mr. Sprinkles some elective surgery (he thinks his eyelids are droopy..it is killing his self esteem). Like all administrators, I live paycheck to paycheck, especially after having to get my monthly pedicure and foot massage at Madame Woo's House of Relaxation, so, to make a long story short, I was todo sin dinero!

I had to walk back to the desert southwest. Using my trusty Google Map blue dot Map App, I began walking, and it took me this long to get back! Aye Caramba! You guys have a big-ass country! But along the way, I was able to do some meaningful thinking.

Like the whole idea of technology coaches.
The grupo ISTE came out with a set of standards for technology coaches during my encarcelamiento, er, I mean stay in El Philly. The standards, which are called NETS-C (pero National Education Technology Standards-Coaches..get it NETS?) are all about how technology COACHES should be used, what they should be doing, how they should do it, and why. And si, there are NETS for teachers, students and even you, Mr. I-Have-A-Walkie-Talkie-So-That-Makes-Me-Important Administrator.

You need to check out the coaches one, especially if you have technology coaches on your campus and have no idea if they are doing a good or bad job because they fix your printer once a year and you think that that is good enough for you.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the NETS-C and SEE what they should be doing vato.